The Plecostomus is an Algae-eater that can be purchased to help keep Tanks clean. It is very similar to the Albino Ancistrus but it's a size 2 fish. Plecostomus at PetSmart. Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online. Plecostomus · True Zebra Pleco – (Hypancistrus zebra L) · Sunshine Pleco (L – Scobinancistrus aureatus) · Leopard Cactus Pleco – L · Adonis Spotted. An extremely hardy specimen, the Plecostomus is often added to an aquarium as a clean up fish. This catfish spends most of its time sucking up algae and. You have The iFish Store's live arrival guarantee — your fish will land on your doorstep happy and healthy! Shop our Common Plecostomus fish today.

Other Plecostomus available for sale. Plecostomus · True Zebra Pleco – (Hypancistrus zebra L) · Sunshine Pleco (L – Scobinancistrus aureatus) · Leopard Cactus Pleco – L · Adonis Spotted. Find plecostomus on sale at We carry a large selection of fantastic plecostomus fish and other catfish. Visit us online today! Best seller at - X50 PLECOSTOMUS PLECO SM/MED 1" - 1 1/2" - LIPOSARCUS ANISITSI - TANK CLEANERS! This Package includes 50 Plecos. Common Plecostomus or Plecos for sale. They are sometimes called a sucker fish and is of great value because it eats algae. They are excellent in any type. Hypostomus plecostomusSpotted pleco · Animalia: information (1) · Animalia: pictures () · Animalia: specimens () · Animalia: sounds () · Animalia. Plecostomus is the common name given to the Loricariidae family of armored suckermouth catfish that come from Central and South America. The common pleco. "No" to Multiple Plecos Together. When plecos -- an abbreviation for plecostomus -- are in community aquariums, they can indeed thrive, but only if they are the. Hypostomus plecostomus Size: 50 cm (20 inches). Preferred Water Chemistry: Tropical freshwater. Comes from a wide range of water types and is extremely. Blue Phantom Plecostomus. Hemiancistrus sp "Blue Phantom" ; Bristlenose Plecostomus. Ancistrus Cirrhosus ; Butterfly Plecostomus L Dekeyseria Brachyura.

Get the best deals on Plecostomus when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands. Plecostomus are common in aquariums because they're algae eaters. Plecos keep an aquarium clean of algae and are fascinating to watch as they do so. Freshwater Plecostomus, Plecos for sale, rare plecos for sale, L number plecos for sale Shipped to your door from our farm since Plecostomus · Mustard Spot Pleco · Pleco - Adonis · Pleco - Albino Bristlenose · Pleco - Albino Chocolate · Pleco - Albino Gibbiceps L · Pleco - Albino Green. Looking for Plecostomus fish? Browse the collection at Monster Aquarium and buy online to add these unique and hardworking fish to your aquarium today. String Algae Control – The Plecostomus I've seldom had a problem with String Algae Control because I rely on a plecostomus or three to do my dirty work. They. Get Other Plecostomus guaranteed to succeed. Other freshwater fish also available. Shipped Next Day Air. Both Hypostomus plecostomus (Common Pleco) and Pterygoplichthys anisitsi (Paraná Sailfin Catfish) are Loricariids that are well established in Texas. They are. Buy direct from the breeder — live shipping with % safe and healthy arrival guarantee. Shop Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) and hundreds of other.

Lifespan can be 10 - 15 years. Water Quality. Plecostomus are generally tolerant of a wide range of water qualities. Coming from the Amazon basin. Plecostomus, pleco, or plec is the common name of several species of freshwater loricariid catfish commonly sold as aquarium fish. Overview. The nocturnal Trinidad Plecostomus is a great candidate for the community aquarium. Usually greenish yellow in color, its patterned fins camouflage it. Plecostomus & Algae Eaters · Oto Catfish Otocinclus · Gold Nugget Plecostomus · Snowball Plecostomus L · Albino Long-Finned Bushy Nose Plecostomus · Large. PLECOSTOMUS · Clown Plec. s/m · Super Red Bristlenose inch · Golden Nugget Plec. L18 m/l · Rubberlip Plec. L med · Redfin Sternella L - 2 inch · Blue.

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